About Us

Hi . . . I’m Juli.

I’ve spent all of my adult life on television. First as an anchor and reporter for news stations in Boston, Miami, and New York…but most recently as the host of Parents TV… a lifestyle show seen nationwide. I’ve interviewed celebrities and politicians…covered riots, murders, hurricanes, and presidential campaigns. One day I was interviewing Hillary Clinton… the next, showing viewers how to spice up their sex lives. (NO connection there!).

While doing all of that, I somehow managed to get pregnant (yes, my husband and co-anchor, Phil, was involved) twice! Both times, I had to be rushed right from the anchor desk to the hospital to give birth – talk about breaking news!!

My mantra for years, “I can have it all…kids, career and marriage!” But, recently it became clear to me, the more balls you juggle… the more you drop – and I was dropping A LOT of balls.

After some serious soul searching, a glass or three of wine and a tear or two, I decided to close the door on what had been a pretty successful career… and open a new door. That door has lead to some amazing things…for starters, more time with my two kids… 8 year old Daniella, and 5 year old Dylan. My third child, Phil, (A.K.A. my husband) gets a lot more attention now, too!

I guess you could call NOTSuperMom.com my fourth child! But, this one took more than a decade to birth! It’s the result of years of parenting mixed with years of working – in other words, one big juggling act!

My hope is, this site will offer you a place to go when you are too stressed to function… a place to go when you doubt yourself , a place to go at the end of another exhausting day when the kids are down and it’s finally “you time” and a place to go where you can hear, in all honesty, “you’re not supermom…and that ok!”

Meet My Husband Phil!

I know I called him my “third child” above…but he truly is my better half! We’ve been together for 12 years and just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary!

You know what I love about Phil?  He’s the perfect husband for Not Supermom because he helps out around the house!  No, really he does! Phil does the dishes, has no problem throwing in a load of laundry (he even folds it) and he makes a mean breakfast (awesome scrambled eggs).  He’s not the handiest guy in the world.  When we first lived together he would call a repair man the second something broke.  But,when we bought a house he decided HE could be the handy man.  It doesn’t always work out – but I can’t tell you how proud I was when he managed to fix a massive clog in the tub and even installed a new lever thingy that opens and closes the drain! I was skeptical when he cancelled the landscaper, and said he could do it himself, but the yard looks pretty darn good now that the bald spot in the lawn finally grew back. : >

He’s definitely the romantic one in the family – and loves to write beautiful cards.  Better yet – he loves to shop!  I often to come home to find new clothes or shoes that he thought, “looked like me.”  I’m a lucky girl!

Phil is truly at his best though when he’s having a light saber duel with Dylan (Dylan is Luke Skywalker and Phil is Darth Vader) or getting a manicure with Daniella! (yes, he gets manicures. I love that he’s in touch with his feminine side!)

You’ll see Phil from time to time in our videos – but he’s a pretty busy guy.  He’s an anchor and reporter for a television news station – so he works a lot!

If you don’t see him, there’s a very good chance that he’s behind the camera shooting the videos for us.  Phil has been incredibly supportive and helpful in making my dream of creating NotSupermom.com become a reality.

Hi Guys . . . I’m Daniella.

I’m 9 years old and going into 4th grade. I love to read Geronimo Stilton and Junie B. Jones books, write stories and draw pictures…science is pretty cool too.

I’ve been playing the guitar for over a year, and love to sing, dance and act. (Having two parents on TV probably had something to do with that!)

When I’m not arguing with my little brother Dylan (you know how little brothers can be…) I’m hugging him and playing Star Wars, Legos and Harry Potter with him.

He’s so cute… sometimes! : >

I love to have playdates with my friends, swim, ride my razor scooter, watch Harry Potter movies and play the Wii. (My Mom and Dad don’t let me play a lot though…because they say it’s not good for me.)

When I grow up, I want to be a singer/songwriter like Taylor Swift, a doctor and a mom…I get a lot of practice by being a mother’s helper for all the little kids and babies in my neighborhood.

I’ve been really busy making new friends at sleep-away camp and I hope we can become friends too!

Don’t forget about me!! My name is Dylan and I’m 6.

I went to kindergarten this year and it was kind of a big deal because almost all of my friends from pre-school went to other schools. I made a lot of new friends and I had a really awesome teacher!

I like to play soccer and play on a team in my town – which is lots of fun.

When I’m not playing Harry Potter and Star Wars on the Wii… I’m pretending to be Luke Skywalker and sneaking up on my sister with my light saber. My friends on the block love to have light saber battles with me.

It’s not easy being the youngest. My sister bosses me around sometimes…okay, A LOT! But, I still love her and we play together after school.  I miss her a lot right now. She’s away at summer camp and it’s just not the same without her around here.  But, I do get lots of attention which is pretty cool!

I love to check out the products my Mom reviews…especially the ones for kids. I’ll be sure to give you my two cents and you’ll see me from time to time in my Mom’s and sister’s videos.

Gotta go to swimming lessons now – bye!

And last but not least . . . it’s Rosie!

I’m the newest addition to the family! I’m a 10 month old Yorkie and I weigh just 4.5 pounds. I’m still a baby but I’m pretty much full grown.  Don’t let my petite stature fool you, though,  what I lack in size I definitely make up for in energy! I’m one spunky gal and I keep this family on it’s toes.

My Not SuperMom is totally sleep deprived from getting up with me in the middle of the night.  She thinks I need to pee but really I just like a little snuggle at 3:00 AM.  Can you blame me?

If you’d like me to check out any doggie products I’m happy to oblige (except for food, I need to stick with what I’m eating so I don’t get a tummy ache).  I love trying out new toys…you probably noticed in my picture, and I’m starting to build a wardrobe.  Yorkies need to keep warm, y’know.  I have a jacket, two sweaters and a Bruce Springsteen t-shirt (my Dad is a HUGE fan of The Boss).

Okay, it’s time for me to play, then maybe have a little lunch, then a long nap.  You’ll be seeing a lot of me though…my parents love to take pictures and videos of me!