Must-Have Safety Products and Tips for Women!

There is nothing more important than family, health and safety. As a mom, I worry constantly about my family. The Lipofs – January 2015 When I worked as a News Reporter I worried daily about my safety. I was in more dangerous situations than I care to remember. I covered stories in neighborhoods overrun by drugs and crime, […]

Selling kids clothes on Instagram? Move to Totspot-earn cash! #TotSpotElite

When I sat down to write this post, visions of party dresses… tiny ties… shirts and sandals danced in my head. I started pouring through pictures of the kids dressed in outfits that I never thought they would outgrow, and ties that daddy tied just right. It immediately brought me back to special times, holidays and celebrations that […]

Turn Your Kid’s Hand-Me-Downs Into A New Wardrobe! #TOTSPOT

While I was preparing for our recent move from New Jersey to Massachusetts, I began going through the kids closets and dresser drawers to figure out what still fit and what they had outgrown. Our daughter, Daniella (12) is growing like a weed and barely has a chance to wear a pair of jeans or leggings before […]

My Husband’s GUEST POST: You Say Life Threatening-I Say Life Changing

My fever had reached 103.8. My blood pressure was dropping dangerously low and the rash that covered my body from head to toe, felt like it was on fire. I had no idea what was happening to me… and at that point the doctors weren’t too clear either. Usually on a Saturday, I would be […]

Conquering Pain From Within: Brandy Gillmore’s Inspirational Story

Brandy Gillmore knows a thing or two about pain. In fact, it wasn’t all that long ago that an accident left her in excruciating pain, confined to her bed for nearly 22 hours a day. Eventually, Brandy was able to get around in a wheel chair and then with a cane, but the pain was […]

WIN: Leather Cell Phone Accessory Bag #FunkyPrettyDesigns

Would you like enter to win one of Geri Dahl’s super cute leather cell phone accessory bags? We are so excited to be giving one away to a lucky winner! Here are just a few of the styles Geri has available through her company Funky Pretty Designs: This picture was taken recently at Ya Ya’s Boutique […]