The “No Thank You Bite”

My kids love to eat – there’s no question about it.
Pretzels rods are always a favorite…

…if they can stay awake long enough to finish them.

Our Friday night ice cream treats are a big hit…

…especially when it means a trip to the ice cream shop.

Daniella loves to rummage through the fridge…

…okay, that’s Minnie Mouse’s fridge at Disney World…but she does it at home, too.

But, sometimes getting them to try new things can be a challenge…that’s why I came up with the “No Thank You Bite.” When we are having something new, that they don’t think they’re going to like, I ask them to take one bite – and if they really don’t like it…they can say, “No Thank You!” and they don’t have to eat anymore.   I can’t tell you how well this works.  Both Dylan and Daniella have discovered that they love many foods that they initially thought looked “gross” on the plate.  Take chick peas for instance.  Dylan didn’t want to try them at first – he thought they looked funny (I guess they sort of do!) now, they are a staple of his diet.  Daniella couldn’t believe that I liked olives (especially since Phil thinks they are absolutely disgusting!) but she took a “No Thank You Bite” and fell in love!  Now she wants them at every meal.

Both kids love spinach because of the N.T.Y. Bite and also devour kidney beans, peas, clam chowder and have begun to appreciate a bit of spice in their food.  Dylan recently gobbled up an entire skewer of spicy, cajun shrimp with a bread and milk chaser to “put out the fire!!”  Believe it or not, this has made Daniella so adventurous, she insisted on tasting Rosie’s dog treats (I didn’t encourage that and she definitely regretted it) and a chicken claw that a friend brought back from a trip to China – it’s considered a delicacy there.  She still talks about that – and says it wasn’t half bad!

Still, breakfast is Dylan’s meal of choice.

Any time of day…

…and twice on Sundays.

And if Daniella can order room service..


…she’s happier than a clam.  But, the “No Thank You Bite” has introduced them to a whole new world of food (even sushi for Daniella) that they never would have tried otherwise!  Sure, it doesn’t work all of the time -but even if it gets them to eat a couple of new foods now and then…I’m happy.

Give it a try with your kids…it just might work!

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  1. Cindy Muller says:

    That sounds like a great idea. Going to give it a try.


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