Why Dylan Suddenly Thinks Math Is Fun!

I’d be lying if I said Dylan was thrilled about starting school.  He was happy to find out the name of his new 3rd grade teacher, loved buying his school supplies and was thrilled to pick out new sneakers.  When he came in to wake me up this morning, he was wearing his bathrobe and new kicks…I think he might have slept in them


So what does he dread the most?  Homework. You’re probably saying, “What kid doesn’t?”

Well, my daughter doesn’t.  I know, it sounds crazy, but Daniella really doesn’t mind doing homework…unless it interferes with something fun she wants to do. She really throws herself into a project or assignment and wants to do well. Granted, she’s going into middle school now and all that might change…but I’m enjoying it for now.

No two kids are alike and Dylan doesn’t share Daniella’s passion for homework-at least not right now.


When you ask Dylan what his favorite subject is he says P.E., with recess coming in a close second…followed by lunch.  If he had to choose an actual “subject” though he’d say science, writing, reading and spelling.  Dylan loves doing experiments and really enjoyed giving a persuasive argument in his 2nd grade class this year.


His least favorite subject at the moment? Math. It was never my best subject either, so I understand where he’s coming from.  I do want to help him succeed, though.  I want Dylan to have a successful STEM education. You’ve probably heard educators and parents talking about this a lot lately.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and refers to how students are prepared and taught the skills they’ll need in those four subjects. It’s about teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in such a way that each subject compliments the others and can be applied to the real world.  It’s so important in today’s technologically advanced society!  President Obama has made STEM education a priority saying,

“… Leadership tomorrow depends on how we educate our students today—especially in science, technology, engineering and math.”

According to The US Department of Education website President Obama has: “…called on the nation to develop, recruit, and retain 100,000 excellent STEM teachers over the next 10 years.”

While that’s great news for the future, I’m frustrated, right now, that I can’t seem to get Dylan excited about math. I bought a couple of fun books this summer…but no luck.  I picked up some flash cards…no dice. Then, a couple of weeks ago, my friend Shara from Mommy Perks asked if I’d take a look at a great program called MathLibs® on the KidCourses website.


I knew right away that it would be right up Dylan’s alley.  You know the game MadLibs that kids love to play? The silly word game where you substitute crazy nouns and adjectives etc. into a story and then someone reads it aloud? When we play in our house we always end up in a fit of giggles!  It’s usually because the kids choose ridiculous bathroom words to plug in.  I’ll never understand why that’s so funny!  Anyway, MathLibs® is very similar to that, you get to make up your own silly math questions and kids have so much fun they don’t realize how much they’re learning!

Honestly, I have never heard Dylan laugh so hard while learning his multiplication facts… or any math for that matter!


Yes, he did use a few ridiculous bathroom words when asked for the names of silly objects…but nothing too inappropriate : )  This is one of the word problems he made up:

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 3.11.43 PM

He cleaned up the bathroom language when we shot the video below…thanks Dylan!  ; )
Check out how much fun we’re both having:

Dylan actually asks me if we can play and is disappointed when we have to stop.  The days of forcing him to practice multiplication facts with flash cards are over!   So, check out Mathlibs® for 3rd and 4th graders and all sorts of fun, animated lessons for kids in grade 4. We think you’ll love it as much as your kids do and it’s perfect for Back To School!  : )

**If you’re interested in learning more about a MathLibs® Kickstarter Project which would not only update the look of Mathlibs® but also make it compatible with more devices…click HERE.**


 *Disclosure:  NotSupermom™ is working with Mathlibs® and KidCourses.com to help spread the message about these awesome math games. I am compensated for my time, however all opinions are my own.*









14 Responses to “Why Dylan Suddenly Thinks Math Is Fun!”

  1. Aunt Sal says:

    What a fantastic educational learning tool!!Wish they had this many, many, many moons ago. I disliked math and especially flash cards!! You are doing great, Dylan.

  2. Juli: You are both so adorable 🙂 I love the video!! Every time I watch you in a video I think, “No wonder she did the news.” You should have your own show…you’re a natural. Your kids could guest star!! LOL

    • jauclair says:

      Thank you so much, Shara! You really made my night! So glad you liked the video…Dylan and I are having the best time with MathLibs. He gets such a kick out of coming up with silly words and them solving the word problem…and I get a huge kick out of him!

  3. Zaneta Barton says:

    Another great way for the kiddos to learn. Amazing!

    • jauclair says:

      Hi Zaneta – It really is amazing to watch your child enjoy a subject he never liked before! Let us know what your kids think of MathLibs! All the best : )

  4. Terrie says:

    Thanks for sharing! I will definitely be sharing with my friends with younger children! Happy new school year!

  5. As an educator this makes me soooo happy. Math is one of the toughest “sells” in a classroom, as it can be so tedious. So, now that we have ipads and more in the classroom, let’s equip them with Kidcourse’s MATHLibs!!

  6. George and Pauline says:

    Great video and what a wonderful and fun way for Dylan to learn the multiplication tables. With MathLibs Dylan should do really well in Math
    this year!

  7. Ava says:

    What a great video hundred wonderful fun way to learn!
    As they say education should be entertainment so kids can learn well!
    I think mathlibs Did a great job in that area

  8. A big, warm THANK YOU to Juli, Dylan, Sal, Shara, Zaneta, Terrie, Louise, George, Pauline, & Ava for all of your kind comments and support! I am so happy that Dylan is enjoying MathLibs!

  9. Cynthia Ambrose says:

    This is awesome! Have to remember this for next year with Alex! He’s all jazzed up about spelling.. his teacher uses a website called spellingcity.com. It’s a great tool! Her word lists are updated weekly and the children can play games like word search, to help them learn how to spell them. My son loves it! Amazing what fun learning tools exist today!

  10. Dara Blaker says:

    I love this. I wish they had this when I was learning math. I’m definitely going to show it to my daughter.

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