GIVEAWAY: Win A “Bocker The Labradoodle” Prize Pack!

If you couldn’t tell by now…we are huge fans of Bocker The Labradoodle! He’s an amazing dog…not only because of his impressive movie, TV and commercial career but also for the work he does to help children and animals.  Click HERE to watch our video with Bocker and his best friend, Marie! ***Bocker  and Marie […]


“Chain Letters” Game Review – Fun AND Educational!

The kids and I are big fans of Patch Products games!  Daniella and Dylan love them because they’re fun…I love them because the kids are learning while they play! It’s a win-win situation : )  Check out our video review of Chain Links and them click this GIVEAWAY link to enter to win a game […]

Back Camera

My First Day Of 4th Grade!

Since Daniella recorded this video back in 2011, it’s been viewed more than 10,000 times on You Tube!  We thought we’d repost it here for all of the kids who are starting 4th grade in just a few weeks. Daniella talks about how excited she was to start 4th grade…and a couple of things she […]


Rosie and Daniella – Taking Care Of A Yorkie

Daniella is back with her 1-year-old Yorkshire terrier Rosie! If you’re thinking having a Yorkie join your family…check out Daniella’s video.  She fills us in on what it’s like to take care of this breed.


Our 9-11 Memorial Tree

Planting is a great project to do with kids! Growing veggies shows them where food comes from and gives them a sense of accomplishment! We’ve grown green beans, tomatoes and carrots together, but this time we’re planting a very special seed. It’s a seed from a Callery Pear tree that miraculously survived the September 11th […]


Sick And Can’t Go To School? Have Some Fun With These Activities!

Got a fever and can’t go to school?  I know exactly how you feel! I was sick for my entire winter break…a whole week! While I was home I came up with some fun things to do to keep myself busy…and you might like to try them out too!